Welcome to Muscle Can Be… Muscle Is…


Muscle can be… Muscle is…,  a campaign created to motivate and inspire women to become more active by illustrating everything muscle can be, and is, through interviews and photographs of women who actively weight train, dance, or participate in sports. The list of benefits one can reap from being active are both physical and mental; however, many women steer away from it because of busy schedules, the fear of getting too muscular, or looking too masculine. The MCBMI campaign will show muscle can be and is so much more than a masculine aesthetic. Join me on this journey of gathering fit women from all walks of life as they tell their stories in hopes of encouraging, inspiring and motivating other women worldwide to get fit.

“There’s no substitute for strength and no excuse for the lack of it.” -Anonymous

“To touch, to move, to inspire. This is the true gift of dance.”        -Aubrey Lynch

“Family and friends are the most important factor for getting girls involved and keeping girls involved in sports.”                         -Cheryl Cooky