Muscle Can Be Success


“When you live for a strong purpose, then hard work isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.”-Steve Pavlina

Larry Scott circa 1965

The 2014 IFBB Olympia competition took place in Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend. For those of you that don’t know what the Olympia is, it is the biggest bodybuilding competition of the year. It is the equivalent to the Super Bowl, for bodybuilders. Competitors with the best physiques, from all over the world, come to compete for the title of Mr. Olympia. The idea for this competition came about in 1963 from Joe Weider, who believed there needed to be a competition that offered bodybuilding athletes more than a trophy for winning. He saw the face of bodybuilding changing, and believed for the sport to have continued success, the athletes would need to be able to make a living at it, like any other professional sport. On September 19th, 1965, the first official Mr. Olympia was held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Larry Scott prevailed as the winner and was awarded $1,000 for his success.

(Larry Scott, circa 1965)
As the years have gone by, many changes have been made with the Olympia. The winning purse for Mr. Olympia is now $275.000. The competition has been opened to women and other categories have been added; however, one thing remains the same, competitors train year round to bring the best physiques to the stage in hopes of being crowned Mr. Olympia.

Tycie Coppett, 2014 Olympia bronze medalist- Women’s Physique

This is the 50th Anniversary of the Olympia and MCBMI is proud to say one of our amazing women had the honor of competing for her second year in this prestigious show. Tycie Coppett competed in Women’s Physique and took home a check and the bronze medal. We here at MCBMI salute her and say congratulations. Training for a show of this caliber takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and discipline, but Tycie is exceptional because she was able to train with a full time job, a part time professorial position, and all while working on her doctoral degree. So again, we say CONGRATULATIONS TYCIE you are number one to us! Check out Tycie Coppett’s full interview with MCBMI entitled Muscle Is Discipline.

(Tycie Coppett, 2014 Olympia bronze medalist- Women’s Physique)

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