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“I truthfully want to inspire other women to get into great shape and improve their overall health. I want someone to say, “Because of you, I didn’t give up.” That would be music to my ears.”

Nicole Miglis

Activities: Track and Field, NPC Bikini Competitor, Fitness Model

Q: Where did you grow up?

I actually grew up in a small town called South Plainfield in New Jersey

Q: Were you athletic growing up? If so, at what age did you start, and what did you play?

I was VERY athletic growing up. I kind of grew up a tomboy because I was one of the only girls on my block! I played every sport under the sun. It started with gymnastics in kindergarten, tee-ball, recreational basketball, and soccer. As I got older, I played field hockey, basketball, and track and field in high school. My all time favorite was running, which led me to run for Liberty University, a Division I Women’s Track and Field team.

Q: Do you believe playing sports contributes to a child’s overall well-being, if so, in what ways?

Of course, I definitely believe that playing sports contributes to a child’s overall well-being. Sports offer children a vast array of attributes that can potentially enhance their adult life: discipline, dedication, work ethic, team work, and so much more!

Q: What do you do to stay in shape as an adult?

Fitness is a huge part of my life. I definitely make it a priority to lead a very active lifestyle. I schedule my gym sessions throughout my day, just as I would schedule an important appointment in my agenda. Right now, I currently go to the gym twice daily, so I make sure that if I have something planned for the morning, I plan accordingly. I like to get up early and get my first session completed because it really sets precedence for the rest of my day. In the morning, I tend to do more cardiovascular exercises, such as running or biking. At night is typically when I do my strength training, but because I have the convenience of my gym being open 24/7 this allows for more flexibility if my agenda is packed. I definitely love cooking and making healthy choices for my overall nutrition. Working out and eating healthy are key to staying in optimal shape as they go hand-in-hand.

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Q: Studies show women that weight train regularly, are more confident and independent, why do you think this is?

I absolutely believe this is true! Weight training regularly, allows you the ability to truly sculpt and mold your body into exactly what you desire it to look like. I love how dynamic the human body is. We are able to act as artists and mold ourselves into what we aspire to be. I feel like women who have an athletic build due to weight training have an aura about them that screams confidence. Personally, I feel not only more confident about myself, but I honestly feel much more independent. I believe that weight training definitely requires a great deal of dedication and discipline, but this is truthfully where confidence and independence is formulated. In a nutshell, when you start to see results from the hard work you are putting in from the gym, your confidence definitely increases!

Q: What does your diet consist of and how important is it to your overall appearance?

My diet consists of a variety of lean proteins, healthy fats, and a combination of simple and complex carbohydrates. No two bodies are alike, so I tailor my dietary intake based on my body type and my current activity levels. I know that by eating properly, I am not only fueling my body for optimum performance in the gym, but I am keeping myself in great shape. I always say that you can’t put unleaded fuel in a Lamborghini, it requires premium gasoline. With that being said, make sure you are feeding yourself the proper fuel!!!

Q: Looking back, what influenced you, if anything, to take care of yourself?

In all honesty, I’ve always loved being athletic, but growing up I really looked up to the fitness models in magazines as an influence to take care of myself. I remember being a young girl admiring the toned physiques of the models in these magazines and wanting to have that same physique! I’ve also had many role models in my lifetime that have influenced me to continue on in my fitness journey toward refining myself each and every day to be a better athlete. Some to name a few, are my previous personal trainer and reigning Ms. Figure Olympia Champion, Nicole Wilkins, as well as the famous fitness personality, Dana Linn Bailey.

Q: Oftentimes, when people settle into their careers, and lives, exercising doesn’t remain a priority because of time. How will you prevent that from being your future path?

It’s important to never lose sight of your own personal goals, but also to maintain BALANCE. When working with my personal training clients, I always recommend that they make their workouts a part of their regular agenda, just as you would schedule an important appointment or meeting. By doing this, you won’t neglect yourself and your personal health! It’s easy to put our careers and other things as the top priority of our lives, but we need to remember that our health is vital. Maybe you can’t get to the gym every single day, but one hour of our day is only 4% of your entire day! Even if you cannot physically make it to the gym, find creative ways to stay active. Perhaps, waking up early and walking the dog for 30 minutes before work, or even going for a stroll on your lunch break at work. Fitness is incredibly flexible even at the expense of restricted time, you just need to be creative!

Q: Do you have anyone in your life that believes you exercise too much? If so, why do you think they feel this way?

In life, everyone will have their own opinions because we are entitled to them. I never focus on what other’s opinions are about me or my lifestyle! To each their own, right!?

Q: What are your career goals?

I actually earned my Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Med Biology, with a double minor in both Chemistry and Human Nutrition. Although I am currently fitness modeling, acting, and working as a personal trainer, my ultimate career goal is to go back to medical school and become a doctor. I have a great fascination with microbiology, so I believe I would thoroughly enjoy Internal Medicine!

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Q: What benefits do you notice from working out?

My goodness! I don’t even know where to begin with the benefits from working out. First and foremost, I love that working out releases natural “feel good” hormones called endorphins. The release of endorphins definitely is a natural way to make you feel happier and it also seems to lower my stress levels. In addition, I believe that by leading a healthy lifestyle, I have more energy, I sleep better, and I rarely get sick. Working out reduces a great deal of health risks and even slows the aging process. There are additional benefits, such as increased confidence, as well as even recreational companionship with friends who are also interested in fitness! One benefit that I love is that working out allows me to inspire others to get fit, too.

Q: How do you like to spend your free time when you are not working out?

When I’m not working out, I am usually training clients or working in the city. I definitely enjoy taking my 80-lb Lab/German shepherd mix out to the park or the pet store. I really like shopping and going to the movies or hanging out with friends. Something else that I truly enjoy is volunteering my free time at the humane society

Q: According the US census, 65.8% of women are overweight and 36.1% are obese, why do you believe so many women struggle with their weight?

I think a lot of women are not properly educated on health and fitness. There are copious amounts of health and fitness opinions out there and it’s tough to weed out what is true and what is not. In addition, there are so many weight loss and diet fads that seem promising, but definitely are not. Some women believe that weight training will make them bulky or “manly looking,” but in reality this is not the case. I think that in America, we have far too many processed foods that are readily available to us.

Q: What do you believe can be done to help decrease these numbers?

There is a lot that can be done in order to decrease these numbers for both women and men. Typically, shopping the perimeter of the food store is usually a great way to avoid highly processed foods. Incorporating fruits and vegetables, as well as other natural foods, lean meats or fish are also great avenues to continue eating healthy. Healthy meal planning ahead of time is a great way to keep your nutritional plan on track, especially when you are crunched for time! Having a healthy snack on hand is beneficial for when you are hungry and you are on the go. Learning to read food labels is important so that you are aware of what you are eating. Moreover, working out a few times a week and keeping active can reduce weight issues, as well as minimize various health risks.

Q: Why did you want to be a part of MCBMI?

Fitness crosses every border as is obtainable if you want it to be! I want to be a part of MCBMI because fitness is a huge part of my life and I want to be a positive role model to others. I definitely believe in giving back and I love helping people. I absolutely love being an integral part of someone’s fitness journey as I enjoy not only helping them reach their goals, but teach them to be empowered for who they are from the inside out. In life you never know who you are inspiring and who can inspire you. I also want to be a part of MCBMI because I truthfully want to inspire other women to get into great shape and improve their overall health. I want someone to say, “Because of you, I didn’t give up.” That would be music to my ears.

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