Muscle Is How You Think

This is the last MCBMI blog of 2014 and as we go into a new year, I really wanted to impress upon readers the importance of what we allow ourselves to think. Many believe our thoughts inevitably become our destiny and if that is indeed the case, many need to do some soul searching and figure out why they are not reaching their fitness goals.

Viveca photo shoot

What inspires, motivates, or encourages you? Two weeks ago, I wrote about priority, but in order for something to be a priority, it must first inspire or motivate, but where does the inspiration or motivation come from? Why are some people motivated to do things that others are not? I understand that we are all individuals, but aren’t there basic things that should appeal to everyone, for example, optimal health, solid finances, or a clean living environment.

In the locker room yesterday, two women were talking and one stated she had exactly three months to get into shape for an event. She then spoke about the expense of getting a trainer and how she really needed to, but didn’t know if she could afford it. Her final statement was, “If I can get motivated to go to a class everyday, I can lose the weight for the event.” In listening to the conversation, two thoughts came to mind. The first was, why aren’t you motivated, what’s stopping you? The second thought honestly was, she won’t lose the weight in time. I thought this, not because of the time frame, but because of the way she paraphrased the statement. “If I can get motivated to go to a class everyday…” In her mind, she has already lost the battle, because she has mentally and orally confirmed, she is not motivated to take classes simply by using the phrase, “if I can.” That phase solidifies her doubt because of the word, “If” and where there is doubt, motivation does not exist. The power of suggestion is in what we say, oftentimes, we speak our destiny into existence, simply by the way we phrase things. Words are powerful, because they are our thoughts, so when you begin a statement with phrases such as: if I can, I’m gonna try, I would like to… you’ve lost half the battle because you are not speaking with conviction. You are not convinced, so why would you think it is going to happen?


Through my own experiences, the things that I have been most successful in, have been things that I mentally committed to and orally confirmed. Phrases that show verbal confirmation and mental commitment are: I am, I will, I have… with these words in the forefront of your goals, you are more inclined to accomplish whatever it is you have set out to do because you have mentally committed to it. The statement, “I think, therefore I am” is true. Whatever you think you can accomplish, you will. Whomever you believe yourself to be, you are. If you believe you can obtain, or maintain a healthier lifestyle in the New Year, you will. Once you believe it, it will automatically become a priority.