Aimee O’Sullivan – Muscle Is Happiness


“I have so much more love, confidence and respect for my self and my body. This is huge for me because I never thought I would see the day where I appreciated myself or the work I do.”

Aimee O’Sullivan

Activities: Weightlifting, Acro-work

Q:  What part of Ireland are you from?

Portmarnock, Co.Dublin. It’s a little seaside village about 20 minutes outside of Dublin City Centre. It is a beautiful little town.

Q:  What was your childhood like in Ireland?

I was the eldest of three kids and grew up on a cul-de-sac with a neighborhood full of kids. I was always out playing with friends and was a really happy kid. My childhood was pretty typical for an Irish 90’s kid- out playing in the parks and on the streets, eating meat and potatoes,  and attending Sunday Mass.

Q:  Were you active as a child?

I was such an active child, I had so much energy!  Thankfully my parents put me in as many after school activities as we could manage! I trained 3-4 times a week for the swim team and danced 2-3 times a week. I played camogie, an Irish sport similar to, but much more aggressive/fun than field hockey, was part of the gymnastics club, the athletics team, and  sang,  all while juggling an acting career and school!

Q:  When did you come to the US and why?

I came here in November of 2010, so almost five years ago. I came to study musical theatre and possibly continue my acting career here!

Q:  How did you get into living a fit and healthy lifestyle?

I have always been active and always loved moving. For years, I coached and taught dance, swimming, and gymnastics, so activity and exercise has always been part of my life; however, I have not always been healthy. I realized while living in NYC and bartending to pay for college, that I did not feel healthy.  I was overworked, extremely tired, and malnourished. I stopped eating meat four years ago, but I was not properly educated on nutrition, and became quite ill because I had not been feeding myself correctly. A good friend of mine is a well versed nutritionist and personal trainer and offered me some advice about eating healthier. I took his advice and saw my health rapidly increase. I was so impressed that I decided to learn as much about health and fitness as I could.

Q:  The fitness obsession is sweeping across the nation, is the same thing happening in Ireland? Why or why not?

It is happening in Ireland, slowly but surely. As a nation we are open to new things but tend to be hesitant in doing things someone else’s way. We usually make the right decisions eventually but usually want to try it our way first! I think Ireland will completely jump on the fitness bandwagon when they realize that they are becoming one the fattest nations in the world.

Q:  How often do you work out?

 I work out 5-6 times a week.


Q:  Is it important for you to have an active mate?

Yes!! I do not like to sit still, EVER! I would be so bored and so restless if I spent a lot of time with an inactive person!

Q:  What do you believe is your best quality?

I believe having good integrity is my best quality.

Q:  What three words do you think your friends would use to describe you and why?

Friendly, emphatic, bold.

I smile and say hello to everyone and genuinely want to be friends with most people. I am usually very positive and try to look on the bright side of life but can always empathize with people and often find myself to be a shoulder for others to cry on. Being bold is really fun for me. I take risks, try to step outside my comfort zone and go on as many adventures as possible.


Q:  Do you think people who don’t know you have misconceptions about you?

Absolutely,  I have been called fake way too many times! I am super friendly, which a lot of people do not understand. I love getting to know new people and will take a risk and say hello to a stranger and even smile at the grumpiest of faces. Sometimes people think I am being dishonest but I have learned to let it slide off my back. I am happy to be happy. It used to really upset me but luckily I have grown out of paying those people too much attention!

Q:  How do you enjoy spending your past time?

Relaxing! I have so much energy but I do really like to chill out in my free time! I read a lot. My perfect Sunday is spent at home reading, listening to music and writing or laying by the river. I like alone time, because I feel I expend so much energy every other day at work.

Q:  As a trainer, how do you motivate your clients?

 I see their potential and I show it to them. I can see something they cannot. I believe in them which I think is the most important thing. If they trust me then they usually can be motivated by me. I try to lead by example, I eat well, am honest about my love for ice cream and am constantly challenging myself physically. People are inspired and motivated by hard work. My clients are aware that I am just a mere human like them and anything I can achieve they can too!

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Q:  What is the most challenging part of your job?

Dealing with negative energy! Some clients come to me having had a really bad day. They might hate working out, be under a lot of stress, or are just be feeling really negative. I have to try to not take on their energy and give them some positivity! It is often very draining. I also work up to 14 hours a day, which is not easy, but less challenging when I get to work with great people.

Q:  What impact has exercising had on your life?

I have so much more love, confidence and respect for my self and my body. This is huge for me because I never thought I would see the day where I appreciated myself or the work I do. Exercising has taught me to treat myself with patience, and discipline, but also with kindness and love. I have always been really hard on myself and am finally at a place where I can just enjoy exercise and the positive effects it has on my physical and mental health!

Q:  Why did you agree to be a part of MCBMI?

I have so much respect and admiration for the creator of MCBMI. I fully believe in it, and think it is really important for everyone to see that there is not just one ‘muscle type’ or body shape.  We all have muscles and are capable of using them however we choose. I am honored to be a part of MCBMI and to be among such powerful and inspiring individuals.