Muscle Is Contentment

 So for the past few weeks I have been toying with the idea of deactivating my account and taking a break from social media. It’s something that I like to do from time to time because I believe it has more of an ability to control our minds and emotions, than we like to admit.  Social media can evoke both positive and negative emotions; however, it’s not the positive emotions that have an adverse effect. Feelings of jealousy, envy, anger, failure, anxiety, and depression are what hit many, the hardest. Social media can take you on an emotional roller coaster ride of comparison and self doubt; yet when you hop on, getting off can be arduous.

What is it about social media that draws so many in, getting them to share any and everything about their lives with an audience of strangers?  It’s the seeking of approval, the desire  to be liked… accepted. It feeds the narcissism that lies within and provides a sense of self importance, until someone else’s post, trumps yours. That is when the emotional high you were on tanks into a dismal abyss of self doubt. It creates discontentment; yet we are fed the anecdote that we need social media to be successful in today’s world. Do we really? Look around you, talk to people you know, most have been sequestered for several months with social media as one of their main forms of “entertainment.” How did  something that creates such eternal unrest for so many, become a staple for success?

Detoxing from social media is important. It allows you to step away from a series of staged realities and focus on things vital to your personal health and well being. Stepping away for a bit of time can also increase your level of productivity and confidence. It provides you with time to target your goals and achieve them,without comparing your progress to someone else’s. You can never win a race if you’re constantly looking to your left and right. Finally, it creates a space to be filled with contentment if you allow it. Contentment, ushers in peace, defined as, “an emotional state of satisfaction that can be seen as a mental state, maybe drawn from being at ease in one’s situation, body and mind,” it is very hard to find, and easily lost.  It’s being comfortable in your own skin and choosing to be happy with who you are, flaws and all. It’s maintaining that peace, while acknowledging and committing to the self work that needs to be done. Not out of comparison or keeping up with anyone other than the person looking back at you in the mirror. Let the mirror be your sapience and standard of success, not social media. Take the time you need to detox from social media, or anything/anyone keeping you from reaching contentment.