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Whether it’s an old time classic with a new twist or a new dish, soon to become a favorite, dinner is definitely the time to perfect unfamiliar recipes. My hope is that the dishes I post will inspire you to try something new, alter something old, or create a healthy culinary masterpiece of your own.

Salmon Patty Recipe

This is a meal I grew up with and had completely forgotten about until Ashley Tinneny mentioned it as a favorite healthy recipe in her MCBMI interview, “Muscle Is Effort.” They are pretty easy to make and Erin Clarke of “Well Plated” has added a twist to this old school comfort food.

A perfect meal as we go into the Fall season so click on the link and try it. If you love Salmon, you won’t be disappointed. If you try it, come back and give it a thumbs up.

Homeanicmade Organic Salmon Burger with Tartar Sauce

Burgers don’t only have to be made of ground beef, turkey, or chicken anymore. Whether a burger lover, looking for a new burger favorite, or a Pescatarian, this Organic Salmon Burger from Cheatstreet, is a must try. Grill, or broiled, with the combination of Salmon, scallions, and ginger, this burger will soon become a Summertime favorite.

So click on the link above and if you like it, come back and give it a thumbs up!

Middle Eastern Chicken Burger

What makes a great burger? Most would agree it’s the seasoning, because if the burger is not seasoned well, then it’s just a hunk of meat between two pieces of bread. Try this Middle Eastern Chicken Burger by the Food Network, it puts a new spin on a classic American dish. No it’s not the beef burger you are used to, but the spicy mix of seasonings balance out with the cool tang of yogurt, and mild tartness of pomegranate, will make you forget about the beef and only leave you wanting more.

Get the full recipe by clicking on the link above and if you try it, come back and give it a thumbs up or down!

Chipotle Portobello Tacos

If you are looking for a creative new idea for dinner, try these Chipotle Portobello Tacos by Feasting at Home. The Portobello mushrooms are cooked in a Chipotle marinate, and topped with a Vegan Cilantro cream. So if you like the combination of cool and spicy, this dish is one you will want to try. For the full recipe, click the link.

Acorn Squash with Brown Rice and Turkey Sausage

The Acorn Squash with Brown Rice and Turkey Sausage recipe by Good Housekeeping is a healthy dish that is easy to prepare and can be complemented with a side salad of choice. Want to add a little kick to it? Try spicy turkey sausage! For the full recipe, click the link above. Make sure you come back and give it a thumbs up, if you try it.


Broccoli Chicken Casserole is an all time favorite for most casserole lovers. Gimme Some Oven, has found a way to put a healthy modern day twist on this classic dish. So if your days are hectic and your time is limited, or you just want a meal you can prepare to last a few days, then this is the recipe for you. Just click the link for all the details.


Here is an interesting spin on another comfort food classic, Stuffed Peppers. The Feel Good Foodie has really complimented the pepper by removing the ground beef so many of us are familiar with, and replacing it with a Chicken Fajita stuffing, for a combination that really makes sense, Thanks @pfunkymama for this great recommendation. To get the full recipe, just click the link.


Pomegranate fruit is often associated with Fall, and the holiday season. If you are a Salmon lover, this is a dish you will definitely want to master and serve at your holiday feast. The full recipe by Tori Avey, can be found on her website. Just click the link to take you there.