Charlotte’s Web – A Veritable Smorgasbord

SNACKS!!! We all love them, whether we are squelching hunger between meals, or looking for something light to eat while we watch our favorite show, the options are endless. Below you will find some things old, some things new, all of them borrowed but good for you.

Roasted Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti Squash is so versatile, it can be used as a snack, side dish, or part of a main course. I decided to go with this quick easy idea on how to prepare it, by Gina Homolka of Skinny Taste, because, it is a favorite dishes. of this week’s MCBMI interviewee Areanna Triliegi.

So go to the home page and read “Muscle Is a Legacy,” featuring Areanna and then come back grab this recipe, and enjoy a truly healthy snack. If you try it and you like it, then feel free to come back and give it a thumbs up!

Homemade Yogurt Sticks

Summer is right around the corner, and I have the prefect snack for you. These Homemade Yogurt Sticks by Kristen Marr, are quick and easy to make but the best part about them is, they are healthy. No food coloring, artificial flavors or extra sugars added, just frozen fruit, and plain whole milk yogurt. So if your a mom looking for a yummy snack for the kids, or an adult in need of a quick mid-day pick me up, this is one you will want to try.

For the full recipe, go to Live Simply, by clicking the link above. If you try it and like it, come back and give it a thumbs up.

Sweet Potato Fries

Who says fries have to be an unhealthy sidekick to your favorite sandwich? Try making them main event as a snack, as long as they’er healthy. Here is a great Sweet Potato Fries recipe like you’ve never had before by Mark Bittman. The spicy blend used will make you trade in your favorite fries that are tried and true for something that is good for you.

To get the full recipe, click on the link above and remember, fries don’t have to go on the side. If you try it, come back and give it a thumbs up or down!

Dark Chocolate Walnut Berry Snack Mix

Here is a quick, hella healthy snack that tastes GREAT! If you love walnuts and dark chocolate, then hold on to your seats because that is the combination in this snack mix. Throw in some dried berries, and you have a snack that is high in antioxidants, and Omega 3’s a lethal combination for fighting and preventing Alzheimer’s. This Dark Chocolate Walnut Berry Snack Mix by Real Life Dinner tastes great, is healthy, and easy to make, it checks all the boxes. For the full recipe, click the link. If you try it, give it a thumbs up or down!

The Best Brussels Sprouts of Your Life

This healthy snack tastes so good, you may think it’s unhealthy. I got this idea from @bomchicka_wawa, a talented performer and my MCBMI interview this week. “Muscle Is Celebrating Your Body” is the title of the interview. So pick up some sprouts cook them up and enjoy this healthy snake while you read the interview. Click the link for the full recipe and don’t forget to give it a thumbs up rating!

Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt Bites

Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt Bites are a cool yummy treat that are easy to make. So if you are a peanut butter lover, this is definitely a snack you will want to try. For the full recipe, click the link.

Orange Walnut Stuffed Dates

If you’re big on texture and flavor, these Orange Walnut Stuffed Dates by Tastes of Lizzy T are a chewy, creamy, crunchy treat. Full of potassium and fiber, this healthy snack is a delicious and easy to make. For the full recipe, click the link.

Apple Cinnamon Popcorn

Who says popcorn can’t be fun, creative, and still taste good? This Apple Cinnamon Popcorn recipe from the ‘Eat, Drink, Love’ blog and “All Around the Table” website, brings a new flavorful twist, to a timeless classic snack. For the full recipe, click the link.