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TechOrbits Mobile Sit-Standing Workstation

Working remote is the current norm for most people, and if your space is limited like mine, then the Mobile Sit- Standing Workstation by TechOrbits is the way to go. It supplies office space without taking up much space. It’s a mobile workstation, so you don’t have to designate it to one spot in your home. It is sturdy and height adjustable, but the best part about this station is the option to sit or stand while you work.

I ordered directly from TechOrbits to support a small business, and the customer service was helpful in providing information on the arrival and offering support if I had any questions. The workstation arrived on time and made me happy that I decided to deal directly with TechOrbits. So check it out by clicking on the link above. If order it and like it, come back and give us a thumbs up.


If you love popcorn, then you will love the Salbree. It is a quick, easy, no mess away to make popcorn, no oil needed. The bowl in collapsible, and easy to store, and simple to use. Just put a quarter cup of popcorn kernels in the bowl place the lid on top, place it in the microwave and in two to four minutes and you have hot fresh popcorn. It comes with an option of ordering several different seasoning to add flavor, and is easy to clean.

For more info, just click the link above. if you buy it and like it, come back and give it a thumbs up.


This weighted blanket by Cooshi, is something I had never heard of until I received as a gift. If you are someone who has difficulty falling and staying asleep, then this is a great purchase. The blanket conforms to your body so you stay asleep through the entire night. The weight of the blanket, pits a light pressure on your body which encourages a deeper sleep allowing you to wake feeling well rested. For more info on the other benefits of Cooshi, click the link above. If you purchase one, come back and give us a thumbs up if you like it.

Honsky Universal Flexible Thumb Smartphone Stand Holder 

I got the Thumb smartphone stand holder as a stocking stuffer gift last Christmas, and it comes in handy! Smartphones are a huge part of our daily lives, and often times you need to use it and be hands free to multitask. the Honsky Stand Holder provides that option. I like it because it’s lightweight and very flexible, so it can also be used with your tablet. For more into, click the link above. If you like it, give it a thumbs up!

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Warm, relaxing, comforting, romantic are just a few words that come to mind when I think about candles. I have loved candles since childhood and remember dreaming of one day having a room in my home lit completely by candlelight.

Brooklyn Candle Studio, is one of my favorite brands because they have a nice range of scents that are not overpowering. Made from Soy wax and eco-friendly clean burn lead free cotton wicks, there is no need to worry about inhaling carcinogens while the candle burns or when it’s blown out.

For more info on what Brooklyn Candle Studio has to offer, just click the link.

Kamenstein Spice Rack

Perfect for any beginner to advanced cook, this 16 jar, brushed stainless steal spice rack by Kamenstein, keeps spices you love right at your finger tips. The easily rotating rack, holds four jars per side and a five year free spice refill warranty.

I Like this spice rack by Kamenstein, because it’s not bulky and fits with most kitchen decor. The jars are easy to refill, and the rack is easy to clean. For more info, just click the link.

Nature Creation Hot and Cold Packs

Heating pads, and ice packs are a must in any home, because unfortunately accidents do happen. All Nature Creation Hot and Cold Packs have multipurpose ability. They can be used for hot therapy, cold therapy or aroma therapy. The are ergonomically designed for the best therapeutic results and filled with only natural herbs and grains. There is no mess due to melting and they are easy to store and keep fresh.

I have had my Nature Creation Hot and Cold Pack for over five years and it still works as well and smells as fresh as it did when I got it. They come in several different sizes and colors and make great gifts. For more info, click the link.